Our Story

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you here. We are Creative Space Collective, a family brand made up of three, Eliza, Rebeca, and Manny and collectively we established Creative Space Collective in May 2023.

We are an apparel brand with meaning and purpose, dedicated to create original apparel designs to uplift, encourage and empower. 

Our goal is that every time you wear our t-shirts you are reminded of how important, worthy and valuable you are.

Our apparel designs are inspired by our amazing loved one, who is on the spectrum. Our hope is that he and many like him, can grow up in a world that is inclusive, understanding and kind. 

Lastly, our bigger vision and mission goes beyond apparel designs and we hope that with hard work, faith and dedication we can bring you with more in the future, hence a “Creative Space”. 

But for now, help us spread love, kindness and joy so that our future can be better for our littles.

We truly appreciate and can't thank you enough for your support!


Eliza, Rebeca, & Manny